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I should have paid more attention to class and _______..

A you do too.
B so should you.
C you shouldn’t either.
D neither should you.
E me too.




He will never understand math and _______.

A I won’t too.
B either won’t I.
C neither do I.
D neither will I.
E either will I.




Don’t be afraid of it, _____?

A will you.
B don’t you .
C do you.
D shall we.
E don’t I.




They kept the money in the bank, _______?

A did they.
B is it  .
C wasn’t it.
D didn’t they.
E nda.




They have already left _____ Europe

A x.
B for.
C to.
D at.
E in.




The guy was good ____ convincing people

A at.
B in.
C on.
D about.
E for.




I have too____ assignments to do

A much.
B enough.
C X.
D little.
E many.




There is _____ sand outside.

A a lot
B many
C a lot of
D much
E “3” e “4” estão corretas


Child Abuse

The term ‘child abuse’ refers to a number of areas and is usefully considered under three headings. These cover (i) general neglect, systematic poisoning, and physical violence which in recent years has been relabeled non-accidental injury; (ii) sexual abuse, which since the late 1970s has become increasingly recognized and found to be widespread; and (iii) psychological abuse, a concept that is gaining ground. It is safe to work on the assumption that children subjected to any form of general physical or sexual abuse will also suffer psychological abuse. Moreover, many children who are not physically abused are deliberately made to suffer painful psychological states such as fear, rejection, and loneliness, which constitute abuse. However, all figures on the extent of child abuse are at best imprecise estimates.

09) Which of the following would you classify as "non-accidental injury"?
A A parent leaving a seven- year- old child on his/her own in the house for a couple of days.
B A parent hitting a child to the extent of her/his needing medical care.
C A parent failing to provide enough food for  a child.
D A parent keeping a child off school.
E A child being constantly criticized or shouted at.




"Sexual abuse" has been recognized as a widespread social problem:

A for less than a decade.
B since 1970.
C for approximately twenty years now.
D since World War II
E since the turn of the century.


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